What is Guided Access?

Guided Access is an accessibility feature on iOS that can provide you with more security while using apps. We recommend using this feature with our Standby Mode, which will require users enter a password before leaving the app.

You can enable this feature by visiting Settings > Accessibility > Guided Access. More information about Guided Access and its uses can be found here.

Can I just lock my phone normally?

Apple currently does not allow contact tracing apps to use Bluetooth or Ultrasound while your phone is locked. To keep your phone secure, you can enable Guided Access. Without using this feature, your phone is more vulnerable to unwanted access from other people, since it will not be locked.

Unfortunately, NOVID will not be able to detect nearby devices or gauge their distance from you until Apple removes their restriction on background services for all such contact tracing solutions.


If you have more questions about how we address security on iOS devices, you may email us at hello@expii.com.