Stop the Spread of COVID-19.
Anonymously and reliably trace your exposure to COVID-19 to keep yourself and others healthy.
No personal information
Virus exposure warnings
Fortify your community
Empower social distancing
NOVID Phone Screens
How NOVID is Different
Bluetooth and GPS technology are prone to inaccurately measuring interactions, as signals pass through walls and floors.
NOVID uses ultrasonic technology to accurately count your interactions, with precise distance measurement.
Total Privacy
Ultrasonic sounds are inaudible. We only use your microphone to listen to inaudible sounds. We don't record audio in the human voice range.
How NOVID works
Download the app
1. Download the app
Download the app onto your iOS or Android device. The app will periodically run in the background, checking how close you are to other people. Share with your friends — when more people use the app, you can help reduce the spread of COVID-19.
Enable permissions
2. Enable Bluetooth and microphone permissions
Why do we need this? Bluetooth allows us to sense nearby devices, and your microphone lets us detect inaudible sound passed between your phone to other devices. We can then determine your proximity to others without using your location or personally identifiable information. You stay in control.
It just works!
3. That’s it! It just works.
Whenever you’ve come in close contact with a fellow NOVID user who’s tested positive, or has been exposed to COVID-19, you’ll receive a notification that lets you know that you may have been exposed. We also let you know how many social interactions you have each day with other NOVID users to keep you conscious of your risk of exposure.