Stop COVID-19 with NOVID.

NOVID is a next-generation mobile application for contact tracing and pandemic response which allows users to proactively make decisions based on their risk of infection.

We are the only contact tracing solution with:

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How it Works

Hear from our founder, Po-Shen Loh

Early Warning

Visualize your risk of exposure

NOVID self-report screens

Our app detects when you are close to other NOVID users. If someone reports as positive in the app, all other NOVID users who have been in close contact will receive a notification, encouraging them to self-isolate or get tested even before they may experience symptoms.

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Degree of Connection

By tracking interactions, we are able to build up an anonymous network of your connections with other NOVID users. We help you understand the spread of COVID-19 around you by visualizing cases in your network of interactions.

Parent and child illustration

This places a COVID-19 forecast into your hands. If you see that the virus is approaching you through your network, you can proactively take precautions to keep yourself and those around you safer. No other contact tracing solution does this.

Sub-meter Contact Tracing Accuracy

Avoid false exposure alerts

Most other contact tracing apps rely on Bluetooth or GPS.  Bluetooth- and GPS-based technology are not accurate enough for contact tracing. These signals pass through walls and floors, falsely recording interactions between people who are actually physically separated.

NOVID combines  ultrasonic  technology with Bluetooth to detect your interactions. Ultrasound gives us much more spatial awareness, since it reacts with materials organically and won’t pass through barriers like walls. In a systematic study, we found that    we avoid falsely recording interactions with 99.6% accuracy.

Scanning distance app mockup

We display distance measurements on our app interface for full transparency. Try our distance scanning feature with a friend or family member to test our accuracy yourself!

Background Operation

Stay safe and informed while multitasking

On Android, ultrasound seamlessly works in the background. This means that we detect your interactions with high accuracy even if the app isn’t open.

NOVID Standby Mode app screenshot

On iOS, NOVID works seamlessly while open. Standby Mode allows you to keep NOVID running while preserving battery life. Despite Apple restrictions, NOVID can still operate less accurately while not open if you use our new WiFi Mode.

Completely Anonymous

No username, password, phone number, or email

We don’t collect  any  personal data. No username, password, phone number, or email. We’re serious about privacy. We don’t know who you are—and it’ll stay that way.

Microphone permissions illustration

We require Bluetooth to communicate with other devices, and Microphone permissions to receive ultrasound. On Android phones, Google requires that we ask for location permissions in order to use Bluetooth. We never use location data; we just need the permission in order to use Bluetooth due to policy.

Data security and privacy illustration

We use encrypted and anonymized data. Nothing we store can be traced. We’ve designed our system from the ground up so that our data only has value to you, the user, once transmitted to your phone.

Made for Communities

Fight the spread together

Community dashboard screenshot

Admins of organizations or institutions can create “communities,” or virtual groups of NOVID users. Community members can opt-in to share their anonymous data. This reveals previously unattainable community trends about the spread of COVID-19. Admins and community members with access to this dashboard can see these trends to make better-informed decisions and keep your community safe.

GeoTag dashboard screenshot

Communities can create check-ins and positive cases linked to specific locations using NOVID QR codes, called “GeoTags.” Admins and community members with access to GeoTags can view them in an interactive map interface to see buildings or places with positive cases, and buildings that need to be sanitized.

Official Testing

Verified self-reporting is here

Official report exposure cards

NOVID enables hospitals and health authorities to  anonymously verify self-reported cases of COVID-19  from the application. Users will receive exposure notifications that specify whether an exposure is verified by a trustworthy health authority administering official tests, or is self-reported.

Testing dashboard screenshot

Health officials at hospitals and health centers can access a simple interface that generates tokens for patients to anonymously confirm their status in the NOVID application. This lets the people around them know they should take the report seriously, and start to be vigilant.